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History of the Atlantic City Boardwalk's Transportation

The Atlantic City Boardwalk was first constructed in 1870.  The original boardwalk was 8 feet wide and 1 mile long.  By the late 1800's, Rolling Chairs were the popular way to travel the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

In the 1940's electric motors began to replace pushed rolling chairs and by the 1960's all the Rolling Chairs began to disappear. Up until 1984 only the Tramcars provided transportation on the Atlantic City Boardwalk.

Then, in 1984 the rolling chairs made a comeback that paralleled the rise of the Atlantic City casino industry. By the early 1990's the Tram Cars had completely disappeared from the Boardwalk.

Now in 2015, once again, the Tramcars are back. Boardwalk Trams Service is proud to be the operator of the Atlantic City Tramcars.

Please join us for a ride & always "Step aside or join for a ride”