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Monopoly made the Atlantic City boardwalk world famous.  Boardwalk is the most expensive property on the Monopoly Board and has the highest in rent revenue. Because of this,  it is typically the most desired property in the US Monopoly game



The original boardwalk, built in 1870, was 8 feet wide and 1 mile long.  Today it is 60 feet wide and six miles long. 



The Atlantic City promenade is the first boardwalk in America and  140 years after the boardwalks emergence and evolution, it still stands as a historic symbol of Atlantic City.

The comfortable boardwalk trams can take you the whole length of the Atlantic City boardwalk.  They start near the Ocean Casino - resort and go as far as Tropicana, seeing Steele Pier, Historic Boardwalk Hall, and much more along the way.

The Atlantic City Airshow, Thunder over the boardwalk, is a FREE event that fills the skies above Atlantic City’s beautiful free beaches and boardwalk (dates change each year).  Features typically include The Blue Angels, U. S. Army Golden Knights Parachute Team and Skytypers.

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Steel Pier - 1000 Boardwalk
This pier has been in operation since 1898.  In the 1930’s it was famously known for its high diving horse.  It’s still considered an iconic amusement park to Atlantic City and extends 1,000 feet over the Atlantic Ocean.


Resorts Casino - 1133 Boardwalk
Resorts was the first casino to open in Atlantic City in 1978. 75,000 people passed through the casino during its first day in operation.

Boardwalk Empire display - 1150 Boardwalk
See the Boardwalk Empire display highlighting the popular HBO series Boardwalk Empire set during Atlantic City's Prohibition years.


Ripley’s Believe it or Not - 1441 Boardwalk
Ripley’s Believe It or Not! is a collection of strange and bizarre exhibits from around the world.

James ‘ Salt Water Taffy & Candy - 1519 Boardwalk
Salt water taffy was created and is still produced in Atlantic City starting in the 1880’s.    The original factory, James’ Candy is still open on the boardwalk using the same old fashioned methods they were made famous for developing.  

Arthur Brown Pavilion - South Carolina Avenue
Explore the history of the famed Atlantic City Beach Patrol. At this stop can also see the origins of salt water taffy.

Heartwalk Art - St. James Place
Travel through a newly rebuilt  area drastically affected by Hurricane Sandy.  


Piers and Theaters - 2000 Boardwalk
See pictures and discuss the famed Warner, Nixon, and Apollo theaters on the Boardwalk. Learn about John Young's Million Dollar Pier and its many attractions, including a twice-daily fish net haul and some of America's earliest amusement rides. Old photographs help to bring these times to life.

Caesar's Pier - 1 Atlantic Avenue
Experience upscale shopping and dining in this 4 story pier featuring a sky bridge to Caesar’s Palace.

Boardwalk Hall - 2100 Boardwalk
Formerly known as Convention Hall, Boardwalk Hall was built in 1929. Over the years, it has hosted national political conventions, football games, auto racing and rodeos. The hall is home to the Midmer-Losh Pipe Organ, the largest and loudest musical instrument in the world. The annual Miss America Pageant is held here. See pictures of these and many other attractions and events offered at Boardwalk Hall on our tour. You will also experience the art and serenity at the adjoining Kennedy Plaza.

Tropicana Pavilion - 2831 Boardwalk
Tour participants enjoy lively discussion about famous persons who have lived, worked and played in Atlantic City. See the famous Ritz Carlton Hotel, site of a mob convention in 1929. The Ritz was visited by presidents and foreign dignitaries, and was a favorite performance house. The hotel was built at the beginning of the Roaring Twenties, and was renowned for its luxurious appointments and famous